Considering enterprise Java outsourcing? We want your business. Here’s why we deserve it…

If you’re on the lookout to build something on the web, there are several options. PHP is adequate for simple user facing sites. Ruby on Rails is always popular with the startup crowd building a minimum viable product. ASP.NET too, is a good option, if you’re still stuck in a Windows only world.

Still, when it comes to enterprise level support, integration with every kind of existing infrastructure from Oracle DB to Hadoop, stability, maturity and security, nothing even comes close to the Java platform.

And when it comes to leveraging the Java platform, we got you completely covered here at Vtrip, with our 13 years of experience on building highly dynamic and custom enterprise Java solutions.

We can be opinionated: Node.js might be nice and fast, but it’s still a technology for early adopters. MongoDB sounds cool on paper (especially if you don’t know better), but we wouldn’t want you to bet your enterprise project on an unproven 2 year old technology with several data corruption bugs discovered already.

We’re not into selling snake oil. While other companies follow the latest fads and distractions, we have worked on large scale enterprise projects for over a decade, and we got to know the platforms and the available tools inside out, as well as knowing what it takes to deliver robust and agile solutions on time and spec.

That’s why, after over a decade of experience with big Java based projects, we have been ramping up our investment in the platform and in Liferay, the Java-based, leading portal solution for the enterprise.

We chose Liferay because, on top of being based on the proven and mature J2EE platform, it offers content management, collaboration, and social tools out of the box, thus presenting an immediate return on investment to our customers and a large number of functional benefits on a day-to-day basis.


Matter of fact, we just got another one of our senior software engineers certified as a Liferay developer (that’d be our third, if you’re keeping score). And of course, the rest of our team of over 25 experience engineers is just as knowable on Liferay and Java, and has a track record of successfully delivering over 30 demanding web and mobile projects in the European market, from banking websites and news portals, to cutting edge molecular biology research.

We are well on track of becoming the primary Liferay services provider in SE Europe and the MENA region. We have already delivered two demanding projects (for the major news outlet AVGI and for one of Europe’s biggest betting solutions providers), and are ready to take any demanding enterprise projects you might have head on.

So if you’re serious about your business and prefer to avoid amateur hour outsourcing, do not hesitate to contact us, discuss your project with our experts and investigate how our experienced software engineering team can help you address your business needs.

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