OpenStack Meetup in Athens, Greece

On July 17th we organized the first meetup in Athens, Greece. More details can be found at

The attendance was over 20 people from varying areas of the greek community representing open-source developers, academic institutions, startups and enterprise.

At first we run a round of introduction between the members, giving a short profile and interests of each other’s.

Next was Thanassis Parathyras from StackMasters with the ‘Enter OpenStack’ presentation, who covered an overall view of the project’s goals as well as software development and community support aspects.

It was of great interest to hear members of the user group that are already involved in activities relative to cloud computing and OpenStack. Startup co-founder Dimitris Moraitis pointed out his product supports management and monitoring for OpenStack. Also other members mentioned efforts on implementing projects with Swift support.

The discussion that took place among the attendees was really promising for the upcoming activities of this user group. Stay tuned!

Thanks to CoLab Workspace Athens for hosting the meetup!

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