Exploring business opportunities in CeBIT 2013!

Virtual Trip CEO Dimitris Tsingos and Technical Director Thanassis Parathyras will be in CeBIT 2013 on the 8th and 9th of March in Hannover, together with the OW2 Consortium presenting the CHOReOS project.

It is an honor for Virtual Trip to be present at CeBIT for one more year. After all, “this No. 1 event for the digital world, showcase for the latest trends, driver of new business and the meeting place for all sectors of the industry!

During their presence there, Virtual Trip executives will explore ICT business opportunities, discuss details for the development of the CHOReOS project and also give a few tips on the company’s newly designed services for cloud computing.

Should you be interested in getting in touch with Dimitris Tsingos and Thanassis Parathyras please ask for them at the OW2 Consortium booth in the Open Source Park, Hall 6, stand #F16 , (230)!

Also you can email them here: tsigos@starttech.eu or aparathyras@vtrip.net

Who is George Tesseris…the VTRIPer of the 2012?

So, finally…the VTRIPer of the Year 2012 is George Tesseris (@tesseris). It is a great moment for his career as a member of the technical team at the Virtual Trip EntrepreneurialEcosystem and StartTech Ventures Incubator.

George Tesseris VTRIPer of the Year 2012 has just received his iPad gift...

George has just received his iPad gift…

What a year it has been for George Tesseris!

In 2012 his contribution to the company’s growth was more than just crucial.  During the year he played a significant role in implementing important domestic and international projects, for customers with key influence in markets like Banking, Media and Entertainment. While providing excellent support to his teammates, he managed to obtain international certification from Liferay. Also, George was part of our team for the development and demonstration of EU Research Project CHOReOS, helping us receive excellent feedback from the research community. And these are only a few of his achievements…

In total, his outstanding commitment and day to day efficient team participation was a true inspiration for all of us here.

We are proud for having George as our colleague and friend here at the Virtual Trip Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and StartTech Ventures Incubator. Keep rocking George!