And the VTRIPer of the Year 2012 is…

Who was the most Dedicated, Hard Working and Efficient member of the Virtual Trip Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in 2012? Who will be awarded as the “VTRIPer of the Year 2012”?


Let’s wait till tonight to find out!

The ‘VTRIPer of the year’ award was created in order to celebrate the Virtual Trip Entrepreneurial Ecosystem technical team member who best performed the last year in terms of meeting the original VTRIP-values: Materializing innovation with bleeding-edge technology!

The Previous Winners

2007: The first winner was George Dramitinos, former Director of Services Department at Virtual Trip. George had indeed a fabulous year, “driving” the company’s services with great success.

George Dramitinos
George Dramitinos – VTRIPer 2007


2008: Winner for 2008 was Periklis Venakis, Software Engineer at Epignosis, a company member of the Virtual Trip Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Periklis played a major role at the very successful “eFront elearning platform” development and deployment.

Periklis Venakis - 2008
Periklis Venakis – VTRIPer 2008


2009: Lefteris Trimintzios, Senior Software Engineer at Virtual Trip, was nominated as “VTRIPer of the Year 2009”. Lefteris contribution for materializing the VTRIP vision in 2009 has been absolutely great, serving as an outstanding example of applying the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem‘s corporate values: Entrepreneurship, Usefulness, Innovation, Commitment and Quality.

Lefteris Trimintzios - VTRIPer 2009
Lefteris Trimintzios – VTRIPer 2009


2010: It was Manos Moschous’ turn to be the winner. Manos is a Co-Founder & CTO of AbZorba Games LLC and he is the driving force behind the technicalities of producing live multiplayer game philosophy. He is also the Co-Founder and CTO of MVNS. Both AbZorba Games and MVNS are companies of our Ecosystem.

Manos Moschous - VTRIPer 2010
Manos Moschous – VTRIPer 2010


2011: Thanasis Parathyras was the VTRIPer of 2011. Thanasis is the Technical Director of Virtual Trip since 2010 offering outstanding team management abilities and advanced technical expertise for the implementation of hi-tech projects.

Thanasis Parathyras - VTRIPer 2011
Thanasis Parathyras – VTRIPer 2011