Enhancing technical solutions by successful participation on research project CS-Orion

CS-Orion logoFollowing the very successful midterm review evaluation meeting with the European Commission committee on research project CS-Orion held recently at FORTH, Virtual Trip commits even further on the development of technical solutions  that refer to the second half of the project, yet balancing the project’s needs with continuous reviewing and updating of all necessary points already been reached.

Based on innovative Technical Approach, we are now focusing on the bundling of the CS-Orion algorithms and tools as a versatile and coherent software package which will prove appropriate for integration into end-user applications. Continue reading

Maven-powered Primefaces portlets in Liferay: Creating a basic Maven portlet

Liferay is a complete Portal server that establishes continuous interoperability with various systems thus gaining in popularity and user acceptance. The basic building blocks for creating new functionality are called portlets.

This is the first installment of a quick guide that will show you how to set up your Eclipse environment in order to create JSF portlets but with a twist: instead of using Ant for building and deploying our portlets, we will use Maven.

We start this part by first installing Maven. See the installation instructions here.

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